Bonnie Tyler, the British singer of the enigmatic voice of the 80s catapulted to success in 1983 by selling more than nine million copies of her hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, Bonnie Tyler has become, thanks to other hits such as ‘Holding Out for a Hero’o’ It’s a Heartache’, those singers who, decades later, the public continues to surrender every time they sound.

Nominated several times for the Grammy Awards, the singer’s career is now more than five decades old.
The first time it was played on the radios, many thought it was a new success of Rod Stewart but discovered with surprise that that cracked and powerful voice was that of a woman, Bonnie Tyler, and the song pulled the album that reached ten million sales.

The British singer returned to the Starlite stage on August 14 Dressed in tight black «brilli brilli» trousers, which looked like glitter, and a blouse with wide sleeves of the same tone, the Welsh vocalist came out, without more, among the applause of her followers.
The first chords of «Flat on the Floor» sounded and Bonnie Tyler, with her characteristic blonde hair in the wind and microphone in hand, shelled the song note by note and then continued with «Hold On».

Applause flooded the air when he began to sing «It’s a Heartache» song that he recorded for his second studio album «Natural Force» in the late seventies (1978) and that, without a doubt, will go down in music history.
Step by step the atmosphere was animated and the audience of Starlite, to whom the heat wanted to give a small truce tonight was encouraged to sing with Tyler the already classic «Lost in France» and the something newer «The best is yet to come», a theme of his latest work, which saw the light in February 2021.

With «Have you ever seen the rain», «When the lights go down» and «Let’s go crazy», the singer showed that at 70 years old her peculiar voice still has great strength and personality. Thanks to this, he managed to start the applause of those present, among whom there were also very young faces. I could not miss in the concert of this singer, who has been on stage for more than fifty years and is a living history of music, «Total eclipse of the heart», a song that saw the light in the eighties and for whose production she had the

Then we heard «Between the earth and the stars», and the end came with «Faster than the speed of night» song from his fifth and most successful work, and «Simply the best».

We enjoyed throughout the concert the energy of the great icon of the eighties. A special night to admire the singer of the most charismatic hoarse voice.

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