The Welsh tiger makes history at Starlite at 81 years old, filling everything and in a state of form and showed that his voice is still intact … impressive !!!

The living legend of pop music known as The Tiger of Wales’, offered an apotheosic musical recital with which he toured the best hits of his long career of almost 60 years in active.

The incombustible Tom Jones, is a singer of the before, a musician with capital letters who does not need more paraphernalia to fill an auditorium than a microphone, music and his own voice; and this was demonstrated by more than fifty years of musical career, 41 albums behind him, a dozen awards, including a Grammy and an MTV Award; several number ones and millions of copies sold, endorse this self-made Welsh artist, who has earned his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Surrounded by his band, this living legend of music began with «What’s New Pussycat» It was followed by «Its not unusual», He continued with «Pop star», a song that talks about the wishes and dreams of a young artist who hopes his mother is proud of him; something that reminded him of his early years in music.

During the concert we could listen to his latest album Surrounded by time, «in the oldest person to get the number

one». » A few years ago I was here and this is still just as wonderful,» said ‘The Tiger of Wales’ to the auditorium of the Quarry of Nagüeles during his concert.

Green green grass of home, One more cup of coffee and Delilah were some of the most applauded songs of the night along with You can leave your hat on and Kiss, which was the finishing touch of the concert before the encores.

Encouraged by the applause of an audience that days ago filled the «sold out» poster, Jomes returned to perform another of the current ones, «I’m growing
old», «Strange Things», preceded by «No hold in my head», after which Tom Jones proceeded to introduce the members of the band, to say goodbye to their spectators and to wish them «good night and god bless you all».

We enjoyed and appreciated very much the luck we had to attend the only concert
that this great of international pop has given in Spain this season.

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